Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog Hop!!! The Last Day to WIN! May 14, 2012

Today is the last day for the J3:16 Blog Hop!
As one of the members of this great network of Christian Authors, I am excited to participate in this event!

My first novel is a Christian historical romance called Gold Earrings. The theme concerns judging others by outward appearance. Read about it on my website You can order a signed copy from me at the website through PayPal, paperback or hardback OR order a paperback copy from

I am in the process of editing my 2nd historical novel, A Time to Choose, set in Civil War Washington DC.

When you leave a comment and your email address at THIS blogspot, you will automatically be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Just follow the link to rafflecopter which is keeping track of this for me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I'm now # 27 on the tour. The next stop on the blog hop is #28-Janalyn Voigt -

Be sure to stop by as many blogs as you can to increase your ability to win prizes AND one of the Kindles offered by the Network!

So tell your friends about the John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop! It's almost over! Just click on the links below to go from blog to blog! Happy hoppin'!

Blog Hop Participants:
1. Lorilyn Roberts (John 3:16   Blog) –
2. Lynn Dove – Word Salt (Host blog) -
3. Laura J. Davis -
4. Paulette Harper -
5. Carol A. Brown -
6. April Gardner -
7. Sue Russell –
8. Thomas Blubaugh -
9. Susan F. Craft –
10. Heather Bixler –
11. Joy Hannabass –
12. Deborah Bateman -
13. Kimberley Payne -
14. Rose McCauley –
15. Lisa Lickel -
16. Alice J. Wisler -
17. Amanda Stephan -
18. Saundra Dalton –
19. Tracy Krauss -
20. Ashley Wintters -
21. Deborah McCarragher -
22. Lorilyn Roberts -
23. Anita Estes -
24. Martin Roth –
25. Kenneth Winters –
26. Eddie Snipes –
27. Diane Tatum -
28. Janalyn Voigt -
29. Alberta Sequeira –
30. Tammy Hill –
31. Marcia Laycock –
32. Nike Chillemi -
33. Elaine Marie Cooper -
34. Sidney W. Frost -
35. Jairus B. King –
36. Bill Burt -
37. Kathy Eberly -
38. Bob Saffrin -
38a Julie Saffrin -
39. Theresa Franklin -
40. Ray Lincoln -
41. Lilly Maytree -
42. Yvonne Pat Wright -
43. Pauline Creeden -
44. Katherine Harms -
45. Brenda Wood -
46. Deborah Malone -
47. Melissa Main –
48. Kevin Main -
49. Sandy Humphrey -
50. Felice Gerwitz -
51. Hallee Bridgeman -
52. Lisa Mills -


  1. Thank you for being a part of the blog hop. God bless you.

    Glenda Parker

  2. Diane, I appreciate the lower key to your blog in comparison to many on the hop. Blessings

  3. I'm following your blog now and what a great Blog Hop!

  4. oops! sorry. I forgot to post my email addy:

  5. Diane, just showing you some love and hopin' by to thank you for being a blog hop host this week. You're a blessing!

  6. Following your blog now.

    JoyAnne11 at gmail dot com

  7. Hi! I'm making my way around to everyone's blog. An amazon gift card is a great prize!

  8. Hi Diane! Stopping by to say howdy to you! I hope you're doing well, and thanks for joining in the fun for the blog hop. :) Cheers to you, girlfriend!

  9. Hi Diane - I'm enjoying the "hopping". Best to you this week! Be blessed...
    It's all about HIM

  10. Thank you!
    Shelly H.

  11. Hey! Just hopping by to check you blog. Good luck with your book!

  12. i hopped over to your website/blog and now am following you via email. Thank you for participating in this great bloghop! and the generous giveaway.

  13. Your book sounds great! Have a great day!

  14. Thanks for participating in the blog hop. All the best with your books.

  15. I enjoyed learning about your book. I think it is so important not to judge others.

  16. Hippity hoppity. Enjoyed your blog!

  17. Hi,
    I'm starting from the bottom tonight and hopping around to say "Hello." It's nice to meet you and see your blog. I'm interested in reading your books. Stop by my blog at and leave a comment to win a copy of my book "Death in Dahlonega."

    Deborah M.
    debbiejeanm at gmail dot com

  18. Hi Diane, just hopping by to visit my fellow blog hoppers! I did sign up to follow your blog! Hope you can follow me, too!

  19. Thanks for contributing to this giveaway! I am now following your blog, it's awesome! Please enter me :)

    Anastasia Watson
    inmy7thheaven at yahoo dot com

  20. thx so much for sharing your gift of writing and creativity with us! i've entered and look fwd to learning more...

  21. Hi Diane! Hopping through to show some John 3:16 love! Blessings to you!

  22. Hi, Diane. Just stopping by and saying hi. I am now following you. Thanks for being part of the John 3:16 Marketing Network.

  23. Hopped by to leave some love. God bless

  24. Just me hopping by to say hello! Keep writing. Blessings.

  25. Thanks for participating in the HOP and the Network. Blessings on your ministry.

    Ray and Mary Jo Lincoln

  26. Tatum,
    Glad to make your acquaintance. Hope you had a good amount of entries on yore giveaway.
    A fellow J316 author.
    Julie S.

  27. Glad to find you! If I had a choice I'd read fiction all day long, however writing fiction is almost as much fun. Thanks for joining 3:15 glad to find you and hope to connect in the future.

  28. Hoping by last minute to say Hi!