Friday, June 20, 2014

Review: Davis Bunn's The Turning; Win a free copy!

God's people answering God's call.

Five multinational Christians are called to do a most difficult task so they can accomplish a God-sized task. They must ask for forgiveness, give up a treasured position, make peace with those who were intent on being unrelenting, or come to terms with a shameful past. Then God brings them together to counter one man's ambition.

Davis Bunn's novel, The Turning, at its heart, asks the question: What if? What if God's people heard His voice and acted?
Trent Cooper's ambition, desires, and ruthlessness are brought to bear to promote a single idea: Hope is dead.  God brings these Christians together to counter the Satanic attack with which Trent Cooper hopes to make his fortune, impress his boss, and win the girl.
The five Christians in this novel are not saints. They each have issues like all of us. The difference in these Christians is that they have been studying a Christian education booklet focused on hearing God's voice. [Devotions and other teaching resources are available at]

God's message is simple: God is Hope and He is not dead. At great personal sacrifice, these called out ones pray and work to refute the Hope is Dead campaign.

I was given 2 copies of this book: one to read and review and one to give away on this blog. [More on that at the end.]

I found this book powerful and profound. The answer to the What if? question is that God calls us all  to battle the forces of evil in the world all the time. The idea that God can speak to different people and bring them to one area to serve as his warriors in spiritual warfare is compelling. God can absolutely bring this about. I was reminded of Lifeway's Experiencing God and MasterLife materials. These thoughts made me wonder if River North/Moody had a new discipleship book coming out on hearing God's voice.

The Turning is a novel, therefore fiction. Can God work in just this way to achieve His plan? Of course, He can! In fact, He can do it without our help, but He chooses to use broken vessels that only He can repair. He sees past our imperfections to create His perfect tools in a fallen world. Those truths are not fiction!

I read The Turning on a transatlantic flight to Ireland. It brought me hope that God's people can still hear His voice and be part of His plan to combat evil. I couldn't put it down until I knew the outcome of the final battle.

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