Thursday, February 4, 2016

Terri Wangard's Friends and Enemies

Terri Wangard’s Friends and Enemies is about how ‘real’ people experienced WWII, including civilians in Germany. Her characters experience their own ‘teacup tragedies’ and triumphs in a world full of rationing, fear, love, and loss. A book in two parts, Wangard introduces a cast in Part 1, then follows them through their journey during the war in Part 2. The reader has no difficulty caring about these ordinary characters affected by a world on fire.

Friends and Enemies is an enjoyable read. As a member of Wangard’s ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writer) Scribes group, I have had the privilege to read and comment on her work. She never disappoints. Her stories are intriguing woven tapestries drawn together with historic detail and the ordinary within. Each of her characters and his/her situations add the pattern and color to the sweeping drama of history. In addition, the characters share their faith with those who struggle without it.

I was provided a final copy of this copy in exchange for a review; however, I had already experienced this story as a critiquer. It is my pleasure to recommend Friends and Enemies to both those who have an interest in WWII stories, but also to those who enjoy curling up with a good book.