Thursday, October 1, 2015

Focus surprise on a old book project

Back in the summer of 1998, my family visited my brother in Dallas. As part of that trip we attended the Mesquite Rodeo. In that same spring, we had a mission focus on rodeo missions. Inspired by these two seemingly coincidental events (that place where God works, dwells, and whispers to me!), I began a contemporary romance called Mission Mesquite.

Then I started teaching middle school.

In 2009, after several family emergencies requiring my presence and focus in St. Louis, Ken said to me, "Come home and write your stories." Yes, what a sweetheart my Kenny is!

My first focus was to publish Gold Earrings, a historical romance. I'd written the short story in high school. Long story short I published it with Tate Publishing in 2011.

In the meantime, I worked on an American historical/romantic fiction series. Year after year of conferences, I've been told that colonial fiction doesn't sell. This year I had 3 appointments at ACFW Dallas, 2015, that resulted in requests for manuscripts.

One of those editors requested Mission Mesquite. So this week I am pulling together the manuscript I worked on 17 years ago and falling in love with my characters and story all over again. Check out my Pinterest Board for Mission Mesquite!

Coincidence, coincidence, the Tennessee  mission focus this summer included cowboy church! Like I said, no coincidences in my experience.

Sneak peek: Kate Lawrence is a missionary kid who has had enough missions to last a lifetime and has rebelled against her parents and God.  She's working for the state department in Washington DC as an interpreter and low level diplomat. She has the Georgetown townhome, the BMW, and the job of a lifetime.

When she travels to Dallas for a long delayed visit to her parents and their new mission opportunity, she meets Tyler Hawkins, a former All-Around Cowboy winner who has since been injured in the ring by a bull. On a horse he's graceful and capable as the rodeo 'pickup guy,' rescuing cowboys after their rides. Off a horse he has a lurching gait courtesy of the injuries he sustained. Though Kate is attracted to Tyler, the white knight of the rodeo, she finds out that he is working with her parents at Mission Mesquite, a cowboy church, as the assistant pastor and preparing to take over from her parents as the mission pastor upon their retirement.

Plan to share more soon!! All prayers appreciated.