Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring has sprung and so have I!

So, I have finished 2 of my Christian historical fiction novels: Gold Earrings and A Time to Choose. No publisher interest yet.

I'm also writing a teacher/education professional book Paperfolding 101: Creating Graphic Organizers from Regular Paper. I'm just starting to market it to the teacher-made publishers.

Today I signed up on Associated Content in hopes of writing something that actually makes money.

See me on Ravelry as dktatum! Knitting has become my favorite hobby. Beading, reading, and cross-stitch are in the back seat.

Fibromyalgia - My daily unknown. Will I feel well or achey? Will I drag around tired and/or depressed? This is a big reason I "retired" from teaching. It's hard to be consistent and available when you don't know what each day will bring. Cymbalta has helped a lot. I'm back on Celebrex, too. Still use Amitriptylin and Gabapentin at night to get a deeper sleep. Still, each day is a question mark. I can plan to do things; I just don't know how I will feel doing them.